Women’s Cell

The National Policy for Empowerment of Women (2001), Government of India, had emphasized the elimination of discrimination and all forms of violence against women in both the public and the private sphere. Institutions and mechanisms/schemes for assistance are to be created and strengthened for prevention of such violence including sexual harassment at workplace. The cell was established in 2011-12 for promoting gender equality and gender justice in all its intervention and practices. The aim of the cell is to enhance understanding of issues related to women and to make the college campus a safe place for them. With this aim in sight the cell organizes and participates in seminars, talks and also takes up women’s issues and problems. It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in the society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves. Aiming at intellectual and social upliftment of the female students, the cell stands for facilitating women’s empowerment through guest lectures, seminars, awareness programmes life skill training programmes, entrepreneur training and other welfare activities.

The important objectives of the cell are:

  • To eliminate the gender disparity, especially in academic life.
  • Empowering women to attain emotional, physical and mental freedom to withstand the changing phase of their life.
  • To enhance self-esteem and quality of life.