The Department leads to theoretical and applied understanding of society enabling students to contribute quality sociological knowledge. The Three year Under Graduate Programme is designed to equip the students with knowledge and skill in. primarily three aspects of sociological studies – Theoretical approaches to the study of the society and sociological thought (both Western and Indian); Methods of social research; and Dimensions of social life and social problems. Mode of Teaching- Mode of teaching is Lecture and Interactive Sessions with students. The department also organizes seminar and special lectures by eminent scholars for nuanced understanding of the various social issues. The department adopts methods that promote creativity and critical faculty which enable students to understand society and social problems. For this purpose audio-visual material like photograph, charts, maps, power point presentations etc are used. Process of learning here is participative with discussion, debate, quiz, article writing etc. Concepts are clarified to the students through the lived experience of individuals and communities.

Career Opportunities- The most common job is teaching in school, College/Universities and research. Careers at civil services & other administrative jobs is also a viable option for the students of sociology. Other careers in which those with a bachelor’s degree in sociology often secure employment are as case workers, paralegals, public relations workers, urban planners, community organizers, public policy researchers, data analysts and consultant, media personnel etc. NGOs are also a big recruiter of students of Sociology.

Recent Achievements

  1. Pradip Sardar (2009 Batch), now posted in Padmapukur Institution High School through SSC.
  2. Irani Sahoo (2009 Batch), now posted as Assistant Professor, Arambagh College through College Service Commission.
  3. Ramesh Ch. Mondal (2009 Batch) working as Contractual Assistant Professor in SKBU, Purulia.
  4. Pranati Rudra, (2010 Batch) have joined Tata Consultancy Service after being selected in campus interview in Haldia Govt. College.
  5. Pradip Sardar, was awarded Gold Medal for securing First Class First position in Graduation under Vidyasagar University in the year of 2010.
  6. Pranati Rudra (2010 Batch), selected and attended NI & Adventure Camp in Manali.
  7. Moumita Petal and Chandan Patbandha (2015 Batch) were selected for state Level Republic Day Parade Camp, 2015.
  8. 2 students have qualified NET and another student has qualified SET.
Name Designation Faculty Image Details
Dr. Hasibul Rahman Assistant Professor
Dr. Ananya Chatterjee Assistant Professor
Moutan Roy Assistant Professor