Physical Education

“ Lack of activity destroys the good conditions of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise save it and preserve it — Plato.”

Traditional concept regarding Physical Education, this is the older concept that was developed by early leader of physical education generally from the field of military service. The concept is still the base of physical education in many institutes. During last 50 years a wealth of sophisticated information’s about it effects of exercise of health of human organism has become available. To study this scientific aspect regarding physical exercise should be understood as Physical Education. The exercise benefits for school children are so rewarding that this should be practice in school situation. Therefore Physical education should be understood as the endeavour for development of physical health, physical fitness, and physical power (skill). Haldia Govt. College offered Physical Education as a one of the general subjects with other honours & general stream since 1988.

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Sushanta Pal Assistant Professor