Dr Dipankar Pramanik

Name Dr. Dipankar Pramanik
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Chemistry
Highest Degree Ph.D
Teaching Area Organic Chemistry

List of publications

1.Garu, A.; Moku, G.; Gulla, S.; Pramanik, D.; Majeti, B.; Karmali, P.; Shaik, H.; Sreedhar, B.; Chaudhuri, A. Examples of Tumor Growth Inhibition Properties of Liposomal Formulations of pH-Sensitive Histidinylated Cationic Amphiphiles. ACS Biomat. Sci. & Eng. 2015,1,646-655.

2.Pramanik, D.Development of Hedgehog Pathway Inhibitors (HPI) in Treatment of Cancer. Cur. Chem. Biol. 2015,8,132-148.

3.Chun, Y.S.; Bisht, S.; Chenna, V.; Pramanik, D.; Yoshida, T. et al Intraductal Administration of a Polymeric Nanoparticle Formulation of Curcumin (NanoCurc) Significantly Attenuates Incidence of Mammary Tumors in a Rodent Chemical Carcinogenesis Model. Carcinogenesis. 2012,33,2242-2247.

4.Pramanik, D.;Campbell, N.R.;Gupta, S.; Chenna, V.;Bisht, S.; Sysa, P.; Bedja, D.; Das, S.; Karikari, C.; Steenbergen, J.C.; Gabrielson, K.; Maitra, A.; Maitra, A.A composite polymernanoparticleovercomes multi-drugresistance and amelioratesdoxorubicin-associatedcardiomyopathy. Oncotarget. 2012,3,640-650.

5.Gupta, S.; Pramanik, D.; Mukherjee, R.; Campbell, N.R.; Elumalai, S.; de Wilde, R.;Hong, S.; Goggins, M.G.; Acosta, A.; Laheru, D.; Maitra, A. Molecular Determinants of Retinoic Acid Sensitivity in Pancreatic Cancer.Clin. Can. Res. 2012,18,280-289.

6.Chenna, V.; Hu, C.; Pramanik, D.; Aftab, B.; Karikari, C.; Campbell, N.; Hong, S-M.; Zhao, M.; Rudek, M.; Khan, S.; Rudin, C.; Maitra, A. A Polymeric Nanoparticle Encapsulated Small Molecule Inhibitor of Hedgehog Signaling (NanoHHI) Bypasses Secondary Mutational Resistance to Smoothened Antagonists.Mol. Can. Ther.2012,11,165-173.

7.Chiu, S.S. Lui, E. Majeed, M.Vishwanatha, J.K. Ranjan, A.P.Maitra, A. Pramanik, D. Smith, J.A. Helson, L.Differential distribution of intravenous curcumin formulations in the rat brain.Anticancer Res.2011,31, 907-911.

8.Pramanik, D. Campbell, N. Karikari, C. Chivukula, R. Kent, O. Mendell, J. Maitra, A. Restitution of tumor suppressor microRNAs using a systemic nanovector inhibits pancreatic cancer growth in mice.Mol. Can. Ther.2011, 10, 1470-1480.

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10.Srinivas, R.Karmali, P.P.Pramanik, D.Garu, A. Mahidhar, Y.V.Majeti, B.K. Ramakrishna, S.Srinivas, G.Chaudhuri, A.Cationic amphiphile with shikimic acid headgroup shows more systemic promise than its mannosyl analogue as DNA vaccine carrier in dendritic cell based genetic immunization.J. Med. Chem.2010,53, 1387-1391.

11.Pramanik, D.Bharat K. M.Mondal,G.Karmali, P.P. Ramakrishna, S. Obula, G. R.Srinivas, G.Pande, G Chaudhuri, A. Lipopeptide with a RGDK tetrapeptide sequence can selectively target genes to proangiogenic α5β1 integrin receptor and mouse tumor vasculature.J. Med. Chem.2008,51, 7298-7302..