The department is well equipped with a laboratory having original prehistoric and anatomical specimens, a vast collection of e-books and ethnographic films that are stored in a computer exclusively dedicated to the students. The intake for Honours course is 20. Depending on the subject combination one can opt for BA or BSc.

Teaching anthropology involves delivering lectures, giving printed class handouts, Xerox copies of books and other study materials and conducting Group Discussions. Students are frequently asked for submitting assignments or appear to a class test based on preselected topic(s). They are often shown different film clips to enhance their learning experience. A fifteen day long fieldwork is conducted as per the syllabus in the final year which helps them to hand on their theoretical learning to a more field based experience. At the end of the course a student is expected to learn basic tenets of anthropology and develop ability to conduct fieldwork which helps them in future academic and allied pursuits. A student with Anthropology background may join in different National and International development and activist organizations, media, heritage management institutions and domains of public health and criminology apart from the regular jobs in Colleges and Universities. Furthermore, there is a considerably high demand for anthropology among the civil service aspirants.

Recent Achievements

2011 Batch Subhendu Patra qualifies UGC NET Lectureship in 2012 and qualifies the PhD entrance examination in Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2013.

Name Designation Faculty Image Details
Dr. Bhubon Mohan Das Assistant Professor
Dr. Soumi Dey Assistant Professor
Dr. Mohan Chandra Dolai Assistant Professor
Mr. Pinaki Dey Mullick Assistant Professor
Dr. Salil Kumar Dutta Government Approved Part-Time Teacher
Ms. Madhuban Maji Government Approved Part-Time Teacher