Dr. Hasibul Rahman

Name Dr. Hasibul Rahman
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Sociology
Highest Degree Ph.D
Teaching Area Western and Indian Sociological Thought & Sociological Theories.

List of publications

Book publication

  • Himalayan Mosque: Perspective of Sikkim Reference Kunal Book,New Delhi,ISBN978-93-82420-88-00, 2016.

Chapters in Book

  • The Buddhist Tribes of Arunachal Pradesh Page-224-243 Essays on Tibetan Cultural Heritage Editor-Prof. Karubaki Datta Serials Publication, New Delhi, 2008.
  • Ethnicity and Ethnic Disharmony:Perspectives on Arunachal Predesh,Page-157-175 Ethno-Social Mobility in North East India-Edited by Goutam Kr Bera and K.Jose Abhijit Publication,Delhi,2010.
  • Tourism Potentials in Kechopalri Lake, Page-359-366.Some empirical aspects of economic growth and diversification in India’s emerging economy by Prof. Pranab Kr. Chattapadhyay,New Delhi Publisher, 2014.

Paper Publication

  • Self Help Group (Begali) Yojana ,December, 2002, Page-32. 0971-8435 Inside and Outside of a Himalayan Mosque: A Sociological Study of Sahi Jama Masjid of Gangtok of Sikkim The Himalayan Miscellany, Vol.-16, December, 2005, Page-57-66. 0970-4922.
  • Socio-Economic Profile of the Muslim Tea Plantation Workers of North Bengal Islam and Muslim Societies, Vol.-3, November-1, 2007, Page-83-91. 0973-2802.
  • Caste and Social Life of the Nepalis of Darjeeling and Sikkim Himalayas The Himalayan Miscellany,Vol.17&18,December, 2006 & 2007,Page 11-24. 0970-4922.
  • Himalayan Mosque as Tourist Destination: A Case Study of Gangtok Sahi Jama Masjid SikkimMan and Life ,Vol.-36,No.1-2, January-June, 2010, Page-93-98. 0972-4109.
  • Conservation through religious practices: A case study of Hussain Dighi of West Bengal Contemporary Social Sciences,Vol.21, No.2(April),2012,Page.119-130. 0302-9298 Role of non-government organizations(NGOs) in rural development: a studuy of two local NGOs in Malda district Man and Life,Vol-39,No. 1-2, Jan-June,2013, Page 103-118. 0972-4109.
  • An Inside view of Kechopalri lake in Sikkim: A Sociological Study. Asian Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies,Vol.2, Issue-6,June 2014, Page 35-43. 2321-8819(Online) 2348-7186.(print)
  • Crisis of the Existence of Kechopalri Lake in Sikkim: A Sociological Study Journal of National Development,Vol.27, No.1 (Summer), 2014,Page-63-72 0972-8309
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  • Muslims and Education of West Bengal: Theory to Pragmatism International Journal of Humanities and Social Science Invention, Vol- 4 Issue 5 May. 2015, P.32-38. (Online): 2319 – 7722, ISS (Print): 2319 – 7714.