Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed


Name Dr. Nizamuddin Ahmed
Designation Assistant Professor
Department Education
Highest Degree M.A., B.Ed., Ph.D. from University of Calcutta.
Teaching Area Sociology of Education, Psychology of Education, Education Technology and Education of Children with special needs.

List of publication

Publication in International Peer-reviewed Journal:

  1. Modernization and the Educated and Non-Educated Santals of Jhargram: An Ethnographic Study, Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research, (UGC Approved) 6, Issue 5, (May, 2019), PP 180-200, ISSN: 2349-5162.
  2. Education of Santals of Jhargram: An Ethnographic Study, IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, Vol. 23, Issue 7, (July, 2018), PP 51-58, e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845.
  3. Modernization and the Santals of Jhargram: An Ethnographic Study, International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR), Vol. 6, Issue 6, (June, 2018), PP 1164-1174, ISSN: 2320-5407.

Publication in Edited Volume:

  1. Paper entitled as ‘Education of Muslim Girls: A Reality Check in Contemporary India’ in a edited volume on ‘ Social Dimension of Indian Women: Perspective and Prospect’, New Delhi : Kunal Books, PP 67-75, (Year of Publication: 2016), ISBN: 978-81-932499-7-0