In the primitive age, children used to learn from their parents how to prepare bow and arrow, how to light a fire, how to catch fish , how to make trap to catch animals and many other activities. Similarly, at present, the child gets instructions and guidance from his parents or teachers so that he / she can earn his / her livelihood through fair means and adjust properly with his social environment. Thus to ordinary people, education means bringing up the child with proper instruction and guidance. Education commences with the birth of a child and ends with death. It is a continuous process. Education means the process of development in which consists the passage of a human being from infancy to maturity, the process hereby he / she gradually adapts himself / herself in various ways to physical, social and spiritual environment. Thus, there is no end to education. We cannot determine when education begins in one’s life and when it ends. In this sense, education and life are synonymous. Education is an applied social science. It not only deals with certain theoretical aspects of education; it has apractical side also. The most important function of Educational Science is to control the behavior of an individual for social improvement. At present, the tremendous explosion of science and technological knowledge has changed the old outlook on life and has created complex problems of social adjustment. So, today the most important function of education is to conduct experiments on such social problems In this task, the field of psychology, statistics, history, philosophy, political science, technology, sociology, economics , and anthropology have helped educational science. Based on the data, collected from these subjects, education has developed to a large extent and its scope has extended enormously.

Mode of Teaching : Lecture Method, Audio visual Methods through teaching aids.

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Recent Achievements Every year, students with Education Honours complete their under graduate course successfully and get the chance of admission to Master Degree Course under various universities throughout the nation. Many of the students passed out with Education Honours from our college have joined as teachers in colleges and schools.

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Sipra Samanta Assistant Professor
Kamala Kanta Kar Assistant Professor
Dr.Nizamuddin Ahmed Assistant Professor
Susmita Basu Assistant Professor
Debabrata Samanta Assistant Professor